To be honest, law isn’t that much fun unless you’re fighting for the little guy.

Our firm was based on just that criteria, fight for those who cannot do so for themselves. We believe we have put such thought into action.

We represent those who simply cannot get through the Social Security disability system. Often, these people, because of their condition, have not been able to work for years before they finally can have some resolution of their case. Many have not only lost their jobs and careers, but their homes and families by the time they are found legally disabled. For almost all who appear before an Administrative Law Judge to determine their fate, this is a pinnacle moment in their lives. A resolution of their case is oftentimes not only life changing, but life saving as well.

Social Security law can seem confusing at times for those who have attempted to wade through the system themselves. Even attorneys at times scratch their heads wandering why a Claimant would not have been determined disabled at one of the initial stages of the process.

Many people think that just because they have a severe physical or mental condition (or a combination of both) they will be determined to be disabled. The reality is that the Social Security Administration uses a strict five-step process to determine if someone is in fact disabled. Oftentimes, because of a person’s age, education, and work history, even though he or she may have a severe condition, they will not be determined to be disabled. Sometimes, this leaves Claimants filing multiple times attempting to receive benefits.

We recognize the difficulty in seeking disability benefits. We also understand that people often need someone to hold their hand to better present their case and to better explain to them why they will end up at the hearing or appeals process instead of being awarded benefits at one of the first two stages.

Thus, in essence, we help those who cannot help themselves. We’re always fighting for the little guy.